Team 1848 - The Workshop Basket Training

2023 BOYS tryouts



2023 TRYOUTS !  Please fill out the brief information requested.  There will be a $20 fee collected at the door (not on this registration) for tryouts.  CASH OR CHECK (made out to Team 1848) ONLY


At this time, we are registering 16 and 17u for SEPTEMBER 10th.  The remainder of the registrations will show at unavailable.  Due to the amount of interest this season, we are asking anyone interested in the other age groups to contact us directly if you would still like to try out.  Email: if you are wanting to try out for a spot on our 9u-15u teams, or if you are 16-17u and cannot make the try out date of Sept 10th.  


This is the tryout for the 2023 season with practices that begin in MARCH of 2023.  The email and contact phone number you enter in the registration will be the contact information we use to send out the roster spots offered.  There are 2 options for dates to try out.  If you are unable to make either option, but would like to try out for the program, please email us at to connect with Harry.  Please include your division and the school you currently attend, as well as any other program you have played with.

For these try outs:

  • Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early- the doors will open at 8:45 for the first group. 
  • These are held at the Workshop Gym.  740 Centerline Drive Hobart. 
  • Bring your own ball if you have one (PLEASE label !). 
  • If you have a reversible jersey (with a number preferably) please bring that along
  • There is a bottle filler for your water bottles. 
  • We do have a viewing area on the 2nd floor if parents plan to stay. 
  • Prior to the try-out we will email you a reminder and a FAQ with information on the program.  If you have questions, we will have trainers, coaches, and our amazing Admin on site to assist you.


9u (going into 3rd grade this Fall)

10u (going into 4th grade this Fall)

11u (going into 5th grade this Fall)

12u (going into 6th grade this Fall)

13u (going into 7th grade this Fall)

14u (going into 8th grade this Fall)

15u (going into 9th grade this Fall)

16u (going into 10th grade this Fall)

17u (going into 11th grade this Fall)


You will notice there is an additional question this season surrounding our National and State team dynamic.  Team 1848 is a competitive elite program focusing on player development.  Our National teams compete at that elite level, and travel farther (specifically at the high school divisions).  Our State teams are a second team we roster if/when we have the talent to create a second team.  These are development teams.  The goal is to work on skills with the goal of getting these players ready to try out for a National team the following season.  They travel more locally and play at a competitive level appropriate for that team.  What we have seen over the years, primarily at the high school level, is that there are players who will only accept a roster spot for a National team.  If that is the case for your player, checking that box "NATIONAL TEAM ONLY" will streamline our process for offering roster spots.  (in the event they are not offered a roster spot on the National team, we will not offer a spot on the State team... we will offer those spots to other players)  This does NOT increase any player's chances of a National team invite.  The evaluation team/panel will not have access to that information and will not be aware of any player only wanting a National spot.  If you are unsure, do NOT check the box






Please direct questions to: